Mystic Mancini dusts his magic 8 ball off for the Euro 2012 semis

Man City boss has joyous news for the people of Italy and Portugal


Roberto Mancini was easily the most entertaining man in the Premier League over the final two months of the season (yes, even flying clear of Mario Balotelli) as he brought out a box of mind games that this country had never seen before.

Little did we ignorant Brits know that in addition to the tried-and-tested [...]

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Spain-dodging celebrations feel a tad dangerous for England

Joy at avoiding holders threatens to lead to underestimating Italy


England won’t have to play Spain in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012. Pretty handy, sure, but it’s not like they were confronted with a choice between Spain or Republic of Ireland. Instead, they will face a team who have contested two more European Championship finals than them.

Italy haven’t trailed in this tournament – or [...]

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The Spoiler’s Italy v Croatia and Spain v Rep of Ireland selections

Positive vibes about Italy, faintly upbeat wittering on Irish chances


The swiftly-emerging norm of one successful prediction, one less impressive pick was maintained on Wednesday. Which one of our Thursday choices is less likely to backfire?

Italy v Croatia

As a noted statistic fetishist, you’d expect The Spoiler to be positively orgasmic over the fact that Italy haven’t beaten Croatia in five meetings since 1942.


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Breathe out, City fans, Balotelli isn’t going anywhere… yet

Ignore the mic, Mario


In a time when footballers are programmed to say the right thing, it’s rather refreshing when someone like Balotelli comes along, short circuiting all over the place, almost completely incapable of not saying the wrong thing every time he speaks.

Just today, the gifted Italian [...]

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Goal of the tournament so far?

Textbook dinkage

It was met with a fairly muted response, as, by that time, the Italians were firmly out of World Cup 2010 and mentally making plans on what to do for the rest of the [...]

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