Classic World Cup Moments

Zidane revisits his old headbutting days

Zizou tonks Materazzi with his skull

After such a magnificent – or, if you want to get all French about it, magnifique – career as a footballer, no one [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Wonders # 1: Toto Schillaci, Italia 90

Best player in the world… for about a fortnight

World Cups can have a strange effect on players, just ask the slightly softer-around-the-middle of the two Ronaldos. He had a [...]

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World Cup Fever

VOTE: Come on then, who’s going to win the World Cup?

Too soon to get excited about England?


Sporadically over the next few months, The Spoiler shall be running a poll to see who YOU think is going to run away with this year’s World Cup. A hunch suggests that the closer the nation comes to the competition, the more [...]

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The Spoiler Bet of the Day

Back Italy to win next summer’s World Cup at 15.0 on Betfair

Italy win the 2006 World Cup

The Spoiler is not cruel enough to lie to you and pretend Italy are anything other than crap right now. However, they were just as awful before [...]

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