Clive Tyldesley reckons Match of the Day is doing just fine

Commentator defends recent criticism


First off, Clive Tyldesley has a blog! The Spoiler assumes it’s been kept quiet so as to avoid the Internet being brought to its knees by a tide of abuse. Anyway, in his latest post, Red Clive has lent his support to Match of the [...]

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Excellent List

10 important lessons learned from World Cup 2010

Such as, “be more tolerant of octopuses”


And so it was that the World Cup came to a rather messy halt. It’s been an uppy-downy tournament, thanks to disappointing superstars, weird new balls, and a final that found the Dutch looking for a fight.

But it’s not all been [...]

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ITV reveal who you’ll be watching the World Cup with

We can’t wait.


ITV have just released details of their World Cup coverage team, and, befitting their general approach to football broadcasting, it’s a godawful mess.

The nation can look forward to sharing a month of balmy summer evenings with joyless mute Patrick Vieira, a terrifyingly earnest Marcel Desailly, [...]

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Rate the coverage

Rate Adrian Chiles on last night’s ITV anchorman run out

Adrian, with Lampsie’s little princess

Adrian Chiles 

Normally so demi-bearded as he casually shoots the breeze with Lee Dixon on a comfortable MOT2 sofa, last night found Adrian Chiles in rather more formal ITV surroundings, as he anchored the England/Mexico coverage - suited and booted, nervously spooning words into Gareth Southgate’s considerably more middle-of-the-road mouth.

The [...]

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Important Relationship News

ITV consider snaffling MRS Lineker for the World Cup

Going head-to-head (in a way)?

The Linekers

The world of football is awash with dream couples. You’ve got your Posh and Becksie, then there’s the Crouchmeister and Abbey Clancy. Then you get to the Redknapps, currently famous for their holidaying adverts, in which no one seems remotely affected by [...]

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The Spoiler presents: Football commentator top trumps

Gotta collect ‘em all!


Britain collectively released a heavy-hearted sigh on Wednesday morning (what, you didn’t hear it?), as the official TV listings for World Cup 2010 were released. ITV have got this lot, the BBC are showing these… to The Spoiler, none of it really matters, since watching [...]

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