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Need an important football phone number? Ask Drogba!

“Call me”

Drogba and Hiddink

You’d think that the inner workings of football would be like a well-oiled machine, or a complicated series of electical circuits, all intertwined, zapping around to a very strict schedule. In many ways, a bit like the offices in Mad Men, only less smokey, and not [...]

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World Cup Fever

Ivory Coast want Guus Hiddink for the World Cup

Hiddink – has already worked with Drog-Drog

Guus Hiddink

In 16th Century terms, most footballers are vagabonds, with the occasional Lampard-shaped exception, who might make it as a yeoman. You’ve got your nobility (Abramovich and the robed men of Man City), your gentry (the Red Knights), [...]

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World Cup Fever

VOTE: Come on then, who’s going to win the World Cup?

Too soon to get excited about England?


Sporadically over the next few months, The Spoiler shall be running a poll to see who YOU think is going to run away with this year’s World Cup. A hunch suggests that the closer the nation comes to the competition, the more [...]

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Africa Cup of Nations

Consensus split over the Africa Cup of Nations

Police escort the Ivory Coast team bus

Ivory Coast

The disturbing scenes which saw three members of Togo’s traveling party shot dead have obviously put the Africa Cup of Nations under serious scrutiny, begging that question as to whether other teams should follow Togo’s lead and pull out of the competition.


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Anyone fancy a Ghana/ Ivory Coast final?

The best sports on the telebox tonight

Recommended viewing

The bookies fancy the hosts and the favourites to meet in the Africa Cup of Nations final this Sunday, but the former must defeat a strong Cameroon team, while the latter must overcome current holders Egypt. Read [...]

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