Deadline Day

Go BONKERS, it’s Transfer Window Deadline Day!

Adam Johnson – City bound?

Adam Johnson

Right, to kick things off there are a few congratulations to get out of the way. Congratulations to Egypt for winning the Africa Cup of Nations. Congratulations to John Terry for managing to paint an even more abhorrent picture of himself than [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Early birthday prezzie for Darren Ferguson…

“Thanks Dad!”

Darren Ferguson

Sweet baby Moses, Mondays can hit a man in the underpants, as the heady weekend hours of boozing in some glitzy high street wine bar, then snogging a stranger’s mouth for twenty minutes in a doorway before puking and stumbling home become just a beautiful distant [...]

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Is Adrian Mutu on his way back to the Premier League?

Yay, my dealer’s here!


Typical of the January transfer window, big-name transfer moves remain thin on the ground this morning. Consequently, the majority of papers are busying themselves falling over each other trying to guess which club will be the first to receive West Ham‘s newly acquired porno-pounds.


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Transfer News

Beattie to Liverpool, James to Spurs, and more…

Another great Benitez signing?

James Beattie

Whilst the rest of the nation was getting high on that hot spicy wine stuff that people seem to love at this time of year, some unsung heroes spent the weekend digging around the murky world of football transfers. Here’s what was grasped [...]

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News in brief

Le Tissier to teach pens, Beattie’s off, and more…

“Kick the ball into the goal”

Le Tissier

In the spirit of true World Cup optimism, Matthew Le Tissier – definitely the most wasted England talent of all time – has offered to coach the final squad on how to correctly take a penalty. Remember, this is a man [...]

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News in brief

Wenger looks to Santa, Beattie’s in a huff…

Oi Claus, any room for Drogba in that bag?

Father Christmas 

Even with the insane striker shortage leaving his attack almost as hamstrung as a boxer with cotton wool fists, Arsene Wenger – as reported in today’s Telegraph – shall not be tempted to loan the services of Ruud van Nistelrooy in [...]

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Video: Who is the Premier League’s best number 9?

Pick your favourite player who wears the revered squad number

The best Premier League Number Nine

Calendar enthusiasts will be aware that today is 09/09/09, which is easily the most significant day in the Gregorian system since 07/08/09. In celebration of this tremendous occasion, we’re [...]

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End of Season Review

The Spoiler’s top ten Premiership signings of 2008/09

The most inspired transfer activity of the season

Andrei Arshavin

As The Spoiler’s end of season festivities get into full swing, today we look at the best signings of the 2008/09 Premier League campaign. Sorry Wisey, Xisco and Coloccini didn’t make the cut…

Jose Bosingwa (Porto to Chelsea, [...]

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