Anger Eating

Wayne Rooney soothed World Cup heartache with Pot Noodle

More photoshop skills…

Wayne Rooney 

Everyone reacts to crippling frustration/anger differently. Some punch walls/people, other weep/spasm uncontrollably. Some boil the kettle, fill the “pot” up to the recommended level, wait two minutes, stir, wait another minute, add sauce, and then eat.

That, by the way, was The Spoiler’s very [...]

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Is ‘Shout for England’ going to be the new ‘Three Lions’?

Probably not, no


It might be a stonewall classic, but Three Lions is getting on for 14 years old. Since Euro ’96, various pop stars and ‘wacky’ fans have tried to emulate the success of Baddiel & Skinner’s smash tune and pretty much every attempt has turned out indescribably [...]

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