Eight games into Euro 2012, it is ITV winning the punditry duel

Much-mocked broadcasters producing more entertaining TV so far


The excessive ad breaks, Adrian Chiles’ overplayed real fan shtick, the semi-scripted commentators and often overegged pro-England coverage often see ITV used as a criticism sponge to soak up much of the dismay directed at British football coverage.

Over a quarter of the way into Euro 2012 though, the reality is that their broadcasts have [...]

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Carragher tells Liverpool players to go hard or go home

Defender clearly doesn’t watch his own match highlights


Jamie Carragher speaking to talkSPORT yesterday evening:

We have changed the manager, we have changed the board and, if things don’t change now, then the players will go too.

Everything else has changed, it is just the players who have [...]

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