Jens Lehmann dropped for visiting German beer festival

Manic keeper caught living it up hours after defeat lehmann.jpg

The German festival of Oktoberfest (which actually happens mostly in September) is great. It takes place in Munich and provides a good excuse for everyone to get bladdered on quality beers for two and a half weeks, while dressed up [...]

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Closet Luvvie

Which former Arsenal star is about to make his film debut?

Mental German keeper to challenge Alec Baldwin for World’s Greatest Living Actor title

Jens Lehmann

Hot on the heels of his cameo appearance in the critically acclaimed masterpiece Goal II: Living the Dream, former Arsenal and current VfB Stuttgart goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has earned his first acting role proper.


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Bundesliga Controversy

Jens Lehmann throws a striker’s boot off the field

Goalkeeper shows he is still a bit mental

Jens Lehmann

The Gottlieb-Daimler stadium hosted a thrilling 3-3 draw between Stuttgart and TSG Hoffenheim on Saturday, but the incident that stole the headlines occurred in the 86th minute.

Hoffenheim striker Sejad Salihović’s boot came off 22 yards in front [...]

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Official Complaint

German stars speak out about refereeing problems in the Bundesliga

Beckenbauer and Lehmann fail to see eye to eye over dissent issue

Jens Lehmann and Franz Beckenbauer

After seeing yellow for protesting over an opponent’s feigned injury in a 2-2 draw with Eintracht Frankfurt at the weekend, Stuttgart keeper and perennial complainer Jens Lehmann said [...]

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Flight of the Keeper

Jens Lehmann and his helicopter aggravate Germany

Arsenal’s former shotstopper isn’t making friends at his new club

Jens Lehmann

When mercenary Manchester City forward Robinho decided the most befitting method of transport he could take to the training ground was a helicopter, he faced only the wrath of those who disliked his vulgar moneybags [...]

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Germans Holidaying

Jens Lehmann gets sexual

If in doubt, use the tongue


As anyone who has ever lingered in a changing room after a football match already knows, the conversations are pretty racy. You start with a rundown of the game, then before you know it you’re exchanging sex tips and doing that thing with [...]

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The Jens Conspiracy

Jens Lehmann thinks the Euro 2008 final was fixed

Stuttgart keeper is a bad loser

Jens Lehmann When you brush aside his arrogance, whinging and tendency to physically abuse fellow players and photographers, Jens Lehmann is a professional who accepts defeat in the manner expected of an experienced international player. Oh wait, that’s not true at all:

“The [...]

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