What would you do – if you were underused Spurs striker Defoe?

Hope they don’t sign anyone? Embrace the bench? Do a runner?


Jermain Defoe’s present position is rather barmy. Despite being deemed worthy of only 11 Premier League starts last season, he is currently the only striker left at Tottenham.

The England forward has spent and at times wasted seven-and-a-half years of his career at Spurs and after a campaign spent glued to the bench despite a [...]

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Transfer stuff

Defoe to Arsenal, Meireles out of Liverpool and more…

Make love…


Whenever there is ice hockey on the television, there are two things The Spoiler always wonders about. Firstly, how come the players always seem to be fighting and, secondly, how come they always take their helmets off to punch each other? Leave them on! You’ll get hurt!


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lots of opinions...

The one player every team in the Premier League should buy – Part I

Both of these lads should come…


Before anyone comes along and says:

“Surely the one player every team in the Premier League should buy would be Messi.”

…That ain’t an option. What we’ve actually gone and done is listed all the Premier League teams and decided on one player [...]

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Will Jermain Defoe prove to be a soothsayer?

Our prediction – this will definitely be happening tonight…


During our three hour lunches at Spoiler HQ we often find ourselves – in between glasses of champagne – trawling our glorious archives and laughing heartily. Remember when we suggested Ashley Cole might not be that bad? Crazy times.

Anyway, [...]

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Excellent List

A lovely gallery of pretty women scorned by footballers

A thrilling montage of Abbey Clancy:

Abbey Clancy 

What a rotten month Abbey Clancy must be having. So beautiful, so desired – and yet totally cheated on by a man whose shadow could win a Nosferatu lookalike competition.

Very much in the spirit of making Ms Clancy feel better, after the jump you’ll [...]

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The Big Question

Spurs or Arsenal – who will fare better in Europe?

Defoe – fast talker

Jermain Defoe 

Those who have listened to Jermain Defoe talk might have noticed that he sounds like someone who has had a pile of random words and phrases forced into his mouth, before being issued with a sudden Heimlich Manoeuvre. He’s very hard to follow.

Anyway, in amongst the garbled onslaught, these [...]

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