World Cup Fever

Defoe’s not been playing very well, suggests Redknapp

Defoe – peacocking?


For all of the perks, now would not be a good time to be the wife or girlfriend of an England footballer. Normally so pampered, treated like a little princess with pretend bosoms, but if there was ever a time to get the hell out of [...]

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Excellent List

10 footballers with rather surprising speaking voices

Including the haunting sounds of one of these men

Martin Keown

It’s easy to be thrown by the way a human being talks – after all, someone’s physical appearance or general demeanour can often lead you to make assumptions. The general rule is that big aggressive people have [...]

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Striker Debate

Shhh, listen – Peter Beardsley’s talking about Defoe

Beardsley – great player, rubbish shin pads

Peter Beardsley 

When Peter Beardsley speaks, you listen. Mainly because you really have to concentrate on what he’s saying. But also because the man speaks sense.

One member of The Spoiler team in particular is a massive Beardsley fan, having owned a [...]

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VIDEO: Jermain Defoe’s FA Cup hat-trick

Leeds 1-3 Spurs

For those of you too busy with household chores to find the time to sit down and take in a football match, above are the highlights of last night’s match [...]

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The Big Question

Can Spurs break into the TOP THREE?

No, seriously, Jermain…

Jermaine Defoe 

It was a good Tottenham show against Man City last night, and certainly one that has reinvigorated the high hopes for the season after the spluttering mess against Wolves. So much so that Harry Redknapp appears to be dreaming of more than just a top four [...]

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Transfer News

Man City transfer business update, and Defoe to Barca?

The weekend round up

Fernando Torres

Whilst the rest of the nation spend their Sundays attempting to counteract the effects of binge drinking, or nervously dry puking at the prospect of another Monday morning, some hardened football hacks are working around the clock digging up news about transfers. Here’s [...]

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