WAG of the Day

No. 7: Charlotte Meares

Ex-WAG gets over Jermain Defoe the best way she knows how

In case you don’t know the wretched story, Jermain Defoe was happily dating model Charlotte Meares, and they had planned a lavish wedding, which included a ‘five foot ice sculpture of their interlocked initials’. This classy affair, however, was put to [...]

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Nightclub of the Week

Where the WAGs go when they’re tired of nice nightclubs

If you fancy buying some drugs on a night out, head to Essex!


The highest concentration of WAG and footballer activity can be found in the overpriced clubs of Soho. But for a more relaxed (cheaper) evening, many head towards the provinces, and in particular Faces Nightclub [...]

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WAG Watch

Danielle Lloyd ruins TV Schedule

WAG heartbreaker turns property show into redundant farce


According to this blog, Charlotte Meares and Jermaine Defoe had set their wedding date for July 5 2008. To cement their love, the happy couple were looking to invest in a holiday home, and decided to take part [...]

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WAG Watch

There’s no place for racist models on social networking site

There’s no place for racist models on social networking site


We at The Spoiler spend a more-than-reasonable amount of time on Facebook, and I was recently invited to a new group by a model friend. The group is called ‘Charlotte over Danielle any day’, and it’s position in [...]

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WAG Fighting

Attack of the WAGs!

Lloyd and Mears go toe-to-toe in Defoe’s luxury driveway


In a WAG-based recreation of the legendary scene in Dynasty where Alexis Colby and Krystal Carrington go loco in the grounds of a gorgeous stately home (found here in beautiful German for extra dramatic effect),

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Danielle ‘Full of Hate’ Lloyd is sent to Iraq

Racist WAG makes troops glad they are in a warzone


Morale in the Armed Forces is at an all-time low – troops are sick of fighting a war that no one wants, and they miss good ol’ Blighty.

The government needed a way of persuading the troops that [...]

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