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Jermaine Pennant leaves his Porsche at a train station

If ever the story was in the headline, then this is it. But to expand on it slightly, as reported on Marca, Jermaine Pennant left his shiny Porsche at Zaragoza train station about five or so months ago, signed for Stoke, and had to be called to be reminded that it was there.


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News in brief

Bold Chelsea claim, Henry World Cup ban, and transfers…

Salomon Kalou – half full

Salomon Kalou 

It’s always good to search for a silver lining, because the world is a thoroughly depressing place most of the time. Yet, there is a fine line between optimism and delusion, and it seems that Salomon Kalou might have just crossed it.


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Alex Sanchez: La Liga’s first one-handed player

Real Zaragoza reserve-team starlet makes history…


Real Zaragoza‘s 3-1 defeat to Valencia on Sunday was relatively uneventful, largely because Jermaine Pennant was injured and therefore unable to stink up the pitch with his special brand of ‘football’. However, history was made on the 85th minute, when Zaragoza coach [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 378: Claire Cooper

Is this Hollyoaks beauty an official Pompey supporting lady?

Portsmouth’s David James caused a WAG-based kerfuffle in 2003 when he left his wife Tanya for a lady named Amanda Salmon. Jamo’s home life looks to be in a tempestuous condition once again – Amanda has moved out of James’ house and our friends at

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Ladies Man

Looks like Wes Brown is having fun in Las Vegas

Manchester Utd star lives it up in the City of Sin

Wes Brown

Here’s Wes Brown rockin’ the classic sunglasses inside and at night look at the Palms Casino, home of the rather good Playboy Club and the equally excellent Rain.

The Manchester Utd star chose Vegas for his [...]

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