Watch the World Cup final with England legend Greavsie!

He’s still got it

The only better thing than watching the World Cup final with your mates and a cool brew is watching the World Cup final with your mates and an England legend, in a swanky penthouse flat. And you’ll most likely get that cool brew, too.

Burger King are offering the chance [...]

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9 pictures of Gordon Brown with famous footballers

Including this one, with the hilarious Brazilian, Socrates

Brown and Socrates

Face it, it’s over for Gordon Brown. It was probably even over before he confronted that yapping “bigot” thanks to some pretty shoddy campaign work from his colleague, Sue. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t ever [...]

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Good First Impressions

5 great goal scoring debuts for English clubs

Cracking start by Rose

Danny Rose

What a night for Danny Rose – presumably not named after Woody Allen’s lounge singer from the film Broadway Danny Rose. It was the stuff of boyhood dreams, tonking one past the local rivals.

And it may yet rank as one of the [...]

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