Rumour stuff

Berbatov to Bayern Munich, Clichy out of Arsenal and other stuff…

Don’t leave us, Cheryl!


Thankfully Stephen Ireland and Leon Best have apologised for having a couple of bottles of water and Red Bull in a bar the night before a game they were not playing in. The b@stards.

Oh yea, and Sepp Blatter has announced he’s going to step [...]

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Contentious stuff

Five players who should give this season’s money back

Gerrard – not quite on the list


The Super Bowl was good last night, wasn’t it? All that stopping and starting and stuff – it was great. Anyway, after we’d finished supping our Bud and polishing off our chips and dip, The Spoiler got to thinking about another [...]

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Hard Times

Joe Cole’s astonishing fall from grace gets even worse

At one time, he was basically England’s Ronaldinho, but this week little Joey Cole was named in the Liverpool side to face Man City in the LANCASHIRE SENIOR CUP – a competition chiefly made up of small children hoping to one day make it as professional footballers. Half of them haven’t even had a single [...]

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Have your say

Vote for a football couple that you can believe in…

Whoever shall replace them?


For a short while back there, it looked like Ashley and Cheryl or Wayne and Coleen or Peter and Abbey might fill the inevitable void that will become ever more gaping once David Beckham finally hangs up his diamond football slippers.

Who will be football’s [...]

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