Bold Declarations

Joe Cole is better than Lionel Messi, insists Steven Gerrard


Joe Cole and Steven Gerrard 

You’d think that footballers would learn from their mistakes. But as sure as the sun sets, eggs is eggs, and as sure as Ashley Cole will inevitably end up with his oozing hands dancing all over the wrong woman’s naked [...]

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Crystal Ball

The Spoiler’s “Predicted Team of the Season”

How will this look come next year?

Team of the Season? 

Most would agree that only a genius or an idiot would attempt to predict the “Team of the Season” before the first match has even kicked off, so you can draw your own conclusions about that.


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Liverpool Happenings

Kenny Huang facts, and a Joe Cole/Stevie G conundrum

Liverpool fans, is this the new King Kenny?

Kenny Huang 

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Cheshire or Preston today, chances are that there’s a strange noise in the air – a bit like a a swarm of bumblebees all clearing their throats in unison.

Don’t be alarmed, [...]

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A very rough guide

Hey, Joe Cole, here’s 5 useful facts about Liverpool!

Liverpool – not normally this crowded


Well, it’s good news all round for Liverpool, with news that not only did Steven G persuade Joey Coley to join, but he might now stick around himself.

What Gerrard actually said to Cole will forever be their little secret, but after the jump, you’ll [...]

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The Big Question

Who was Liverpool’s greatest ever Number 7?

Mr Keegan, perhaps?

Kevin Keegan

Without any intention, it’s turned out to be a rather Liverpool-centric day, so why not end as it began, with a story about Liverpool Number 7′s?

Joe Cole is the new one, but which is the greatest ever? For personal reasons that involve a pair of [...]

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