World Cup Fever

VOTE: Who should be England’s World Cup goalie?

Oh, for another Banksy!

Gordon Banks 

The debates about who should play where for England will rage with increasing ferocity over the coming months. Friends will fall out, young lovers will be forced to go their separate ways due to an inability to agree on the correct line-up of [...]

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Preordained Market Activity

The Spoiler’s most obvious summer transfer XI

The 2009 window deals that were absolutely inevitable

<i>The Spoiler’s</i> most obvious transfer XI

As the transfer window creaks shut for once more, Spoiler correspondent Andrew Brook has compiled a team of players who were always destined to change clubs this summer. And look, he’s [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool transfer news: Benayoun out, Milner in

Today’s transfer gossip, as made up by the national press

Rafa Benitez Kettle When he isn’t pissing off Liverpool, growing face art or aggravating wealthy Americans, Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez enjoys nothing more than having kitchenware modelled on the shape of his cranium. The image above [...]

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Transfer Talk

Puyol to Man United, Yaya Toure to Arsenal, Alan Smith explained!


If you’re planning to go to Glasgow tonight, don’t, it would be a silly silly move. Should Rangers win, Celtic supporters go bonkers, should Rangers lose, everyone goes bonkers. And, of course, “bonkers” is street slang for face punchy and eye scratchy. You would be far wiser to read [...]

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