Lookie Likie

Is Joey Barton’s moustache an homage to a hooligan movie?

Joey Barton, Gary Oldman

Joey Barton Gary Oldman 

Of course, the answer to the headline question is no, it probably isn’t. It could equally be an homage to Freddie Mercury, or the one with the moustache out of Hall and Oates.

But, through The Spoiler’s sparkling morning eyes Joey [...]

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Hairy Faces

Joey Barton grows a moustache as a good will gesture

Story depicted using Photoshop skills

Barton Moustache

If you break it down into simple terms, footballers are just extremely wealthy competitive men trying to be the best at everything. It must get pretty intense.

So thank Christ for reformed violent criminals like Joey Barton

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Confused Footballer

Joey Barton lives like a monk… who plays golf and likes horses

“So when we off to the golf course, lads?”

Joey Barton

Well, the good news for everyone is that Joey Barton is now tee-total. That’s right, he doesn’t even touch the stuff. Because, if he did, within seconds he’d be bricking up phone boxes, and aggressively demanding bites of [...]

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Excellent List

10 Footballers who should really be in bands

Can you spot the footballer?


Sometimes looks can be very deceiving. Were you to spot Jan Molby and Matt Le Tissier on your local high street, you wouldn’t have them down as magnificent footballers. Similarly, Arjen Robben and Dirk Kuyt look like they work in the same call centre.

And so it [...]

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