Contemptible stuff...

Sepp Blatter goes properly mental and appoints three random wise men

Not one of them…


When it was all kicking off in the world of cartoons, Superman, Batman, Wonder Women and some others got together to form the Justice League.

It was a good idea and probably resulted in a lot of sh*t getting sorted.

Now it’s all kicking off [...]

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Neville, Neville...

Have a good testimonial, Gary Neville!

Hope it’s better than this one…

Tonight is Gary Neville’s testimonial. Him and all his best mates like Nicky Butt and David Beckham will be running around Old Trafford [...]

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Fighting Talk

Ibrahimovic’s agent wades into Cruyff and Guardiola

Raiola – with Telly Savalas

Mino Raiola

Ibrahimovic – depending on where you stand on the subject, he’s either football’s Audley Harrison, or a millionaire’s Peter Crouch.

Either way, his agent – a maniac called Mino Raiola – has rolled up his sleeves and windmilled into Johan Cruyff and [...]

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World Cup Fever

The Spoiler’s Greatest Ever World Cup XI

Yeah, not bad…

World Cup XI

From now until the end of time, people will debate the greatest ever World Cup players, and attempt to come up with the perfect team. Fights will break out, relationships will hit the rocks, old women will be arrested in supermarkets [...]

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Mad Men

The Spoiler’s “Crossing the Divide” XI

Heading off to Man United?

Micah Richards 

In a move now commonly known as “The Reverse Carlos Tevez”, it looks like Micah Richards might yet navigate himself across the Manchester divide during the January transfer window. With that in mind, here’s a team of maniacs who risked everything to play for a rival [...]

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World Cup Mystery

A new reason why Johan Cruyff missed the 1978 World Cup – fear of kidnap

Dutch ace adds strange tale to an already murky history

Until now, it had widely been assumed that Johan Cruyff, in spite of being the most exciting player in the world at the time, missed the 1978 World Cup in Argentina as a protest against that country’s odious torture-happy dictatorship. Speaking on Catalan radio [...]

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