Angry Liverpool Fans

Riise gets the threatening graffiti treatment


The consequences of Riise’s horrendous own goal on Tuesday have rippled through Liverpool, to the point where gutsy young graffiti artists who should be impersonating Banksy with their street art have taken to scrawling angry slogans on the walls of Liverpool’s Melwood training ground instead.

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Tittle Tattle

Transfer Talk: Is Eto’o FLIRTING with Tottenham?


Ahh, Saint George’s Day – the one day of the year when you can go into the office with your tatts out and blood on your knuckles and no one even bats an eyelid. Because if they do, that’s fighting talk, their eyelid is taking the mick, thinking it’s [...]

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Liverpool/ Chelsea

Video: John Arne Riise’s worst nightmare

Champions League semi comes down to bad fortune and a worse haircut

If it weren’t for Riise’s unfortunate error, Chelsea fans would be calling for The Toad’s head this morning – his [...]

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Crime on Merseyside

Alex Curran confronted by the Liverpool burglars


Does the WAG hold the key to the pilfering mystery?

Jack The Ripper, the Zodiac murders, the sandwich that was stolen from the Spoiler’s fridge last week – all unsolved crimes that have dominated the agendas of law enforcement officers the world over.

The latest mystery to plague their [...]

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