The Spoiler’s ratings out of 10 for England’s Euro 2012 ensemble

Contrary to expectation, the Liverpool bunch weren’t responsible


A wise man once said that it is impossible to quantify a player’s worth with an arbitrary and slightly suffocating mark out of ten. The Spoiler wasn’t listening during that sermon though sadly, so here are our ratings for England’s Euro 2012 target-meeters…

Joe Hart 6 No career-curtailing mistake but nothing memorable either. Proved that [...]

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Ashley Cole is the only man classy enough to succeed John Terry

Well at least it’ll make it easier for you to scapegoat him come June


If he hadn’t cheated on the apparent greatest living Briton, used hyperbole to show disgust at Arsenal’s stinginess or shot someone with a rifle, would Ashley Cole really be a 20/1 outsider with William Hill to replace John Terry as England captain?

Take all the role model nonsense out of the equation – and why [...]

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Because we definitely know best...

What should Andre Villas-Boas do now he’s Chelsea boss?

Time to be less loveable?


Really, this question should be extremely simple to answer. He should gradually shape the team by bringing his own players in, gradually stamp his footballing identity on the team and Chelsea should gradually become the European-conquering side they’ve threatened to be for the past [...]

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A list!

The best Champions League final moments from recent years

This was close…


From the mid-eighties to the mid-noughties Manchester United were the only English team to make the final of the European Cup/Champions League, let alone win it. Then Liverpool opened the floodgates again in 2005 and since then English teams have once again been doing it for [...]

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Nice footballer No.2

John Terry helps out his old club with a big wedge of cash

The young JT…


After telling the lovely story about Mario Balotelli giving a redheaded dreadlocked homeless chap some moolah, we thought it was only fair that we also told the tale of the England captain and his English little league side.

Apparently, after reading a heartbreaking story in the [...]

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John Terry names his picks for England’s next generation

16-year-old Nathaniel Chalobah potentially a WC2014 star?


John Terry has been an extremely busy man as of late, but sportswear giants Umbro recently managed to pin him down long enough to have a nice chat – and The Spoiler got to ask him a question ourselves! Richard Anderson [...]

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Aye, aye, Skipper

Nobody has a problem with John Terry as England captain

Nothing untoward…


We’ve resisted talking about this so far because, well, it’s about as exciting as watching a tin of beige paint evaporate. But John Terry has made things vaguely interesting by finally speaking about all the hoo-ha surrounding the England captaincy.

Apparently everyone is thrilled with the situation [...]

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Gossip news

Capello talks (a lot), Lehmann stuff and Nani nonsense



It’s been a day of quite momentous news – Abbey Clancy has had Peter Crouch’s baby, Peaches Geldof MIGHT be in trouble for shoplifting and The Darkness have reformed.

All brilliant in their own way, but as this is a football site we should probably focus on the [...]

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