They've Changed!

The Spoiler’s Top Five Dramatic Football Makeovers

Not including Davey Becksie


If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a great feature over on Sports Illustrated celebrating some of the sporting world’s most curious image changes – which got The Spoiler to thinking about modern footballers, with their tatts, their beards, and their enormous pretend [...]

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Holy List

10 Extremely biblical looking footballers

Jesus H Christ meets Prince Charles

Jesus and Prince Charles 

Of course, most of the nation will spend the weekend embroiled in sprouts, drinking heavily, and most definitely not sitting down to rewatch Mel Gibson’s incredibally inaccurate, and rather over the top remake of The Life of Brian.

Some [...]

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Top Flight Newbies

The “best of the promoted teams” XI

Appearing in the Premier League for one season only…

Leon Cort

Only once in Premier League history have all three promoted sides gone straight back down (Barnsley, Bolton and Palace in 1997/98) and for that reason it’s unlikely that West Brom, Stoke and Hull will all make a swift [...]

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