Spot The Scapegoat

Everybody desperate to be blamed for Tottenham’s crisis

No one guilty of passing the buck at White Hart Lane

Jonathan Woodgate wants the blame

Yesterday, Juande Ramos showed his willingness to take full responsibility for Tottenham’s current rubbishness, claiming the attitude of his players is still very good, and he is working hard to [...]

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Money Splurge!

Transfer Hysteria: Spurs sign much needed defensive cover

It’s not even lunchtime, everyone’s going transfer bonkers!


News has just filtered in that Tottenham – this morning’s early birds pecking feverishly away at the transfer window – have just snatched Vedran Corluka for a tidy little sum (rumoured to be around the £8 million mark). A right back [...]

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The Massive Letdown XI

Hide your faces in shame…

Wayne Rooney

Ug, is there anything worse than having all of your dreams shattered? The short answer is, of course, no, no there isn’t. Yet every year we get all excited and start hailing new saviours for the England football team, here to finally [...]

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Bad eggs

The “What the hell were we thinking?” XI

None of these men are the new Pele…


Everyone makes mistakes. After all, wasn’t it someone at Channel 4 who once thought it a delightful idea to lock a beautiful Indian woman in a room with a mob of angry racists? That didn’t quite work out as hoped. Other [...]

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Separated At Birth

Spurs look-alike of the day

Jonathan Woodgate and Frank Gallagher

Apparently, Tottenham players have nicknamed Jonathan Woodgate ‘Frank’, due to his likeness to Frank Gallagher from Shameless. They both have long greasy hair and they have both had brushes with the law, but otherwise I’m not too sure about this one.

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Jonathan Woodgate is a film star now?

Grand Theft Parsons

Last weekend, I re-watched Grand Theft Parsons, the very enjoyable film based on the events following country rock legend Gram Parsons’ death, which lead to his body being kidnapped. The lead role is played by Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, but who is the hippie next [...]

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Unusual transfers

Mystery surrounds Jonathan Woodgate’s departure from Boro

“Woody’s” mildly surprising north-south switch sends the rumour mill whirling like a top

Jonathan Woodgate

Jonathan Woodgate’s unexpected passing through the transfer window in a southerly direction has provoked a noticeable outbreak of chatter, not least because Woodgate seemed even fonder of the Teesside area than his local [...]

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