Ungratefulness at its best

Walk away Jose, Real Madrid will soon realise their loss

The phrase complaining like a spoilt child springs to mind


Football fans never cease to amaze me.

I mean what more could Real Madrid supporters want? Five points clear at the top of La Liga and more goals that any club ever in the first half of a La Liga season.

There must be 99 per cent of football fans who would give their right [...]

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Mourinho loses to Barcelona, becomes subject of much ridicule

Eric Abidal’s third career goal sees Mourinho viewed as a fraud


After backing Juventus to win the Champions League a few years ago then watching them flop in the group stage, Whiteboard scribbled a list on that shameful crumpled betting slip of football-related things that he would never do again, storing it in his wallet as an eternal reminder of his idiocy.

First thing down was [...]

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Guardiola’s 13th Clasico to end like most of the first 12

A tough call for viewers: the second half of Wolves v Brum or this...


The Catalan press have hired a sports psychologist to label Cristiano Ronaldo allergic to Barcelona and are crowing about having spent far less than Real Madrid since Pep Guardiola Superman-ed his way into the Camp Nou dugout in 2008.

Yeah, that’s right, they’ve had literally years to brag about that, yet waited until they were [...]

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Is Jose Mourinho about to be foiled by his own excellence?

The Special One could turn up at Old Trafford before his seat is free


Jose Mourinho doesn’t do continuity. Instead, he has an almost fail-proof formula for progressing his managerial career: arrive at a club, make them absolutely brilliant and then sod off before it all goes wrong.

The only time he disobeyed it was at Chelsea, their constant near misses in Europe becoming an obsession as he hoped [...]

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Villas-Boas to Chelsea, Barton to Arsenal and more

Villas-Boas to Chelsea, Barton to Arsenal and more

Taken six years ago when he was 27-years-old…


Andre Villas-Boas is gonna be the next boss Chelsea fired for underachieving – well done on the forthcoming massive payday, Andre!

Anyway, The Spoiler was convinced it was only a matter of time before Guus Hiddink was unveiled as the new [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Kn*bhead of the Season



The final Spoiler Award is one that is very close to our heart and perhaps the most difficult one to win.

With football full to the brim with people who can, for many different reasons, be branded with the red-hot iron of kn*bheadery, this award has provoked [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Manager of the Season

No way…


When The Spoiler was a child its father used to be the manager of its football team.

Getting lifts to all the games and training was absolutely brilliant, but being substituted all the time because The Dad-Coach didn’t want to look biased was rubbish – it’s probably [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Disappointment of the Season

This guy didn’t even earn a place on the shortlist…

Fernando Torres

One football fan’s disappointment is another’s comedy relief – as demonstrated by the spectacularly swift collapse of Arsenal’s quadruple bid – so for this award The Spoiler has a tough task trying to stick to events [...]

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