A poll!

Who should take over from Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea?



Chelsea head honcho Roman Abramovich acted with all the class and grace that we’ve come to expect from him yesterday by sacking cuddly Carlo about 0.6 seconds after their 1-0 defeat against ten-man Everton.

The trouble with Chelsea, like, is that you never know who made what decision [...]

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A poll!

Who should be in charge of Chelsea at the start of next season?

He couldn’t, could he?


With Roman Abramovich starting to resemble a Gollum-esq character who will not rest until he has captured his precious Champions League title, it looks as though Carlo Ancelotti is out on his arse to reside with all the other ex-Chelsea bosses in Valinor.

But who [...]

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No, we don't know what L$%&*! stands for either

Tottenham striker Peter Crouch is officially thick as £$%&*!



For the second time in a year, Peter Crouch as gone to Madrid and got f*cked.

If the first incident (cheating on Abbey Clancy with a grotty prostitute) suggested stupidity on a huge scale, then his two lunges to get sent off against Real Madrid last night [...]

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rumour news

Rafa Benitez is going to replace Jose Mourinho again. Maybe

HIM?! AGAIN?! Really!?

mourinhobenitez.jpg Rafa Benitez had a pretty difficult job replacing Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan. The Portuguese had just won Serie A, the Coppa Italia and the Nerazzurri’s first European Cup/Champions League title since 1965. Benitez was also given about €2.87 to spend on new players.

It’s easy [...]

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