who'd have thought?

Claude Makelele confirms what we all suspected about Jose Mourinho

Et tu?


Footballers autobiographies are (we’re told, The Spoiler has never read one) pretty rubbish. You’re better off saving your money and reading the extracts in the back of The Sun – at least you get some pictures of stunna t*ts thrown in as well.

Claude Makelele’s autobiography will [...]

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Terror of tears

Some videos of football people weeping and wailing

He’s in it…


The Spoiler is feeling all emotional this Monday, but as we’re unable to find our copy of The Notebook, we’ve decided to reminisce about players and managers, past and present, who’ve shed salty tears of despair over The Beautiful Game.

Here are five of our favourite [...]

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Lifting the lid

Ibrahimovic hates Guardiola but hearts Mourinho

Snog Marry Avoid?


Throughout your short but eventful time on earth, there are bound to be people who you’ve loved no matter what. Someone that – regardless of how horrible they are – you can’t let go.

The Spoiler felt that way about its first girlfriend – despite [...]

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Fingers on lips

People involved with Chelsea say some things and stuff

John Terry gets his leg over

terryleg.jpg Remember Chelsea? Play in blue? Won a couple of things last year? Spent a bit of money recently? Yea, that’s them…

Anyway, while they may have gone out of the FA Cup, look in very real danger of missing out on the top [...]

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Who needs referees as friends when you’ve got The Big Man?

Tulisa! Playing football!


The Spoiler isn’t easily confused, but sometimes things just befuddle us in a way we never knew we could be. Simultaneous equations did it for a while, then nothing for a bit, then Tulisa from NDubz did it – Hot? Not? Blonde? Brunette? – and now [...]

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Another great night

Wenger? Wilshere? Arshavin? Nah, Mourinho wins it for Arsenal…

God, he’s gorgeous


Well, that was pretty good wasn’t it? There may not have been any Brit awards or other such nonsense last night, but there was more than enough glitz and glamour and sexy stuff happening at the Emirates to make up for the lack of Justin Bieber.


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