Transfer News

Both Robinho and Adebayor clawing at the Man City exit

Not what they were?

Robinho and Adebayor 

In a pitch perfect football recreation of life as one of Hugh Hefner’s chosen stable of bed partners, it seems that both Robinho and Adebayor sense that their opportunities to satisfy their boss sexually are seriously dwindling – especially with so many [...]

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Rock n Roll Update

Get out of the way, football, U2 coming through!

Bono – before he realised how important he is


In modern day terms, Bono is the closest thing to Jesus. In that he’s got longish hair, he spends his downtime healing the planet, and if there’s trading to be done in a football stadium, if the mood takes him, [...]

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Transfer Talk

Gerrard wants OUT, Barca/Arsenal stand off…

 ”Yeah, not bad”

Rafa and Gerrard

For anyone who loves television programmes, you might have noticed that the BBC decided to cash in on WAG culture by sending a pretty mob of football sex partners to Africa, in a rather honourable mission to raise awareness about [...]

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News in brief

Inspiring women, Dalglish to step in for Rafa, and more…

“Danielle! Danielle!… can you look inspiring?”

Danielle Lloyd

For those of you not invited, today was not just a typical Wednesday, it was also the day of the SHE Inspiring Women Awards – presumably an awards ceremony celebrating inspiring women. And inspiring they certainly were. Danielle Lloyd, Elen Rives, [...]

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