Transfer Stuff

Henderson to Liverpool, Fabregas to Barca and other stuff…



So, Rihanna has been on stage again singing her saucy songs and even giving one FEMALE fan a lap dance!

Anyone would think she was trying to be controversial to generate publicity to sell records and things. Calm down, RiRi!

In other controversial news, here’s what we know [...]

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Bumper transfer stuff

Van Basten to Chelsea, Solano to Hartlepool and loads of other stuff…

Imagine this but without the dress…


Apparently there is a film coming out with Jennifer Aniston in it – no, wait! She might get naked in it. They haven’t decided whether they’ll keep the scene in yet though, but still, PHWOAR! LAAAAADS!

Here are lots of other things that [...]

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London Calling?

Kaka’s mum gets Chelsea fans excited with Twitter tweet

Where would we be without Mario Balotelli or Twitter? We’ll tell you where – still trawling the internet looking around for news rather than having it slap us right in the face with its dirty, clammy palms.

This may not be news exactly, in fact, it may just be a middle-aged woman’s holiday plans, but

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