The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Arsenal team of the Millennium

Petit scores Arsenal’s only goal of the match

Emmanuel Petit 

With 2010 staring silently from the horizon, The Spoiler has taken the opportunity to celebrate some of the fine football teams that lined up for matches right at the start of this new Millennium.

Today it’s the turn of [...]

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Nigeria U17s captain is too old to play for the U21 team

Golden Eaglets skipper allegedly turned 18 about seven years ago


The U-17 World Cup, currently taking place in Nigeria, has been rocked by allegations the host nation’s captain, Fortune Chukwudi, is actually somewhere closer to 25.

Before the tournament, FIFA had made attempts to stamp out ‘age cheating’ by [...]

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Cheeky. Very cheeky

Six great back-heeled goals

Because using the top of the boot is so last year

If footballers kicking a ball with the top of their foot isn’t enough excitement for you, the last seven days has really been a treat, as a trend of using an alternative means of transport in getting ball to net has emerged. Aston Villa’s [...]

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So tired

Premier League: Old Man XI

WARNING! Some of these men are old enough to be your brother…


At 66-years-old, Sir Alex Ferguson still knows how to ruffle some feathers and get some backs up. Just this morning he studied the horizon to make sure Scholes and Giggs were out of earshot, [...]

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FA Cup Final

Why the FA Cup could be on its way to Wales

Cardiff/ Portsmouth, Saturday, 3pm, BBC1, bet here

Cardiff City FC

In an early episode of the League of Gentlemen, demented old bag Tubbs Tattsyrup (favourite food: worms) retires to a cave with a road map of Britain. The map comes from the belongings of yet another [...]

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