Sex News

Red faced shame rains down on Ashley Cole

Ashley’s ex upgrades…


Back in the olden days – before modern technology demanded that we all chart one another’s progress through life – a relationship would end, you’d cry yourself to sleep for a few weeks, and then convince yourself that either: a. She will never love again. Or b. She [...]

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Transfer Talk

Another Dutch van man linked with Spurs, and more…

Kayla – in demand

Kayla Collins

In a less hoity toity recreation of the fight between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth over the bad female role model, Bridget Jones, today’s shocking relationship news is that the UK rapper Aggro Santos has taken a shine to Ashley Cole’s new girlfriend – [...]

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Ashley Cole punched in the underpants by Google

Kayla Collins – Ashley’s future ex?

Kayla Collins

For all that is totally brilliant about modern technology, all of this advancement has a downside. Notably that it’s now damn near impossible to casually steamroller a whole host of women behind Cheryl Cole’s back and ever have [...]

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New Woman

You’ve got Ashley Cole all wrong, insists nudie model

Kayla Collins – very open minded

Kayla Collins

You’re all familiar with the thoughtful saying about people in glass houses not throwing stones. It’s a metaphor which works on two levels – both literally (it’d be a stupid thing to do), and figuratively (it means “don’t slag people off, [...]

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