Kelly Brook and Alan Shearer get all 2018 on your ass!

Oh God! They’re beautiful!

Alan Shearer and Kelly Brook

Make no mistake about it, this whole World Cup 2018 bid is getting very political. And, in politics, when things get political, it’s time to start making serious political moves. These tend to involve muck raking, rumour mongering, cake [...]

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Hot Girls!

10 beautiful women who should totally be WAGs

God! They’re beautiful!


In guaranteed employment terms, getting in on with a footballer is like getting A levels, a degree, a masters and a PHD all in one go. One minute, you’re wondering where your next penny is coming from, the next you’re oscillating between a perfume making lab, a [...]

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Beautiful Lady

Naked Kelly Brook wears a lovely pair of Reebok trainers

Oh God! She’s on a crane!

Kelly Brook

In a very literal example of life imitating art, Kelly Brook spent an overcast afternoon dressed in a snazzy pair of Reeboks, standing directly in front of a massive poster of Kelly Brook in a snazzy pair of Reeboks.

If you [...]

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WAG of the day

WAG No. 196: Kelly Brook

Her measurements are 34 GG, or something like that… 

Having tired of Billy Zane’s endless Shakespearian monologues, Kelly Brook has decided that a rugby player’s brand of wit and repartee would make for just the tonic. Hence, she’s been caught draping herself about the arm of England’s great hope for the [...]

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