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Make a load of money from Suarez’s Liverpool debut

Suarez – Debut


Liverpool’s big money signing may be a few weeks away from fitness, but their other January buy, Luis Suarez – who signed for a paltry £23 million – looks set to make his debut for the Reds tonight against Stoke.

Here’s what our lovely friends [...]

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Transfer stuff

Chelsea make £35m bid for Torres. Or was it was £40m? Or £60m?

“Booooring…”torres.jpgChelsea have attempted to show they can still mix it with the big boys in the playground by making a never-to-be-accepted bid for Fernando Torres. The ladies and gents of the British press have gone absolutely MENTAL about this – despite Liverpool spending the summer fending off Chelsea’s amorous advances [...]

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Holloway is going to make lots of cash out of Adam sale

Is the mask slipping? Is there a mask? Hmm…


And Hmm… again. The plot thickens. Apparently there is a sell-on clause in the contract of players Ian Holloway buys for Blackpool, meaning the cheeky chappy stands to pocket a percentage of the profits when the player is sold [...]

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The Big Question

Is Kenny Dalglish really cooler than The Fonz?

Anfield jumps the shark

Dalglish banner 

Kenny Dalglish is many things – football legend, scorer of fine goals, occasionally incomprehensible talker – but the wave of misguided Liverpool optimism has seemingly swelled to preposterous proportions, with one splinter group of fans comparing him to the world’s coolest ever guy.


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The big question

Liverpool fans, is it time to get rid of Kenny Dalglish?

He was supposed to swoop in and save the day, but so far he’s acheived a zero per cent winning record, and Liverpool have looked EVEN MORE UNINSPIRED. People of The Kop, is it time to put an end to this misery and get Souness back? Or Thompson? Or Roy Evans?

Let us know your thoughts [...]

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