News in Brief

Rooney’s goal tally, Man City/Chelsea target, and more…

Rooney – could get 30?

Wayne Rooney

Big newspaper offices will be split down the middle today. On one side, those who stayed in, and feel fresh. On the other, those who thought it wise to attend the Brits, regardless that they’re at least fifteen years too old to [...]

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Transfer News

Fear not, Liverpool fans, cover for Torres has arrived!

Carragher, meet your new team mate


Whilst Ryan Babel thinks up new ways to infuriate Rafa Benitez – perhaps by setting up some kind of “Who else thinks that Rafa Benitez is a big Spanish meanie?” Facebook group, or going for the classic “dog poo through the letterbox” trick – Kenwyne [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Fabregas to Real Madrid shocker!

Real Madrid? Really? Hmmmmm….


Anyone who has sat patiently through The Godfather will attest to the fact that sometimes in life things can plod along to the point of self-harm, then suddenly burst into life and take you on a magnificent journey.

You just need to sit it out, and wait for [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Kenwyne Jones, Bentley, Patrick Vieira…

Jones – set to do a “reverse David Bentley”?

Kenwyne Jones

Whether or not the phrase “hit the ground running” was coined with regard to sports journalists, no one knows. But, by gum, these people work around the clock. Sleep is for losers, they tell themselves. He who dares [...]

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