Yay! The Boateng brothers are back on speaking terms!

Angry pair bury hatchet


Anyone reading The Spoiler during this summer’s World Cup may remember a story on football’s most feud-tastic brothers, Kevin-Prince and Jerome Boateng.

Basically, Kevin-Prince (aka ‘The Ghetto Kid’) publicly disowned his sibling for not having his back during the German scandal which followed [...]

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Transfer Talk

Super-injunction defined, plus more news about footballers

More big football news…

Big football 

On a totally unrelated note, a super-injunction is defined thusly:

An injunction obtained in a secret convening of the court where in the result, the court file, the names of the parties and even the terms of the injunction order are secret except [...]

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The Fury

How about that Kevin-Prince Boateng on Saturday, huh?

Boateng – an angry man

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Make no mistake about it, The Spoiler occasionally gets to taste the high life, enjoying luxury jacket potatoes at lunchtime, the odd cup of Earl Grey, and – just this weekend – a high ranking member of the team had a fun [...]

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Top Ten

The worst value for money players in the Premiership

The stars who have failed to live up to their transfer fees

Andriy Shevchenko

As the folks who ploughed their cash into the Sega Saturn, Minidiscs and HD-DVDs will testify, sometimes smart investments don’t quite work out. With this in mind, Spoiler correspondent Joe Thompson has compiled a list [...]

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