Zoltan Gera and West Brom to gamble on reproducing magic

West Brom admit plans for reunion with Hungarian playmaker

Zoltan Gera

After weeks of tabloid tittle-tattle, West Brom have confirmed that they are in talks with former star Zoltan Gera about a Hawthorns comeback following the conclusion of his four-year affair with Fulham, but remarriages in football don’t always [...]

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The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First England Team of the Millennium

Keegan horsing around during a pre-match training session

Kevin Keegan

With the end of the first decade of the Millenium just about mouthing “hello” from over the horizon, The Spoiler is taking the opportunity to doff a cap to some of the teams that graced the field in [...]

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The Massive Letdown XI

Hide your faces in shame…

Wayne Rooney

Ug, is there anything worse than having all of your dreams shattered? The short answer is, of course, no, no there isn’t. Yet every year we get all excited and start hailing new saviours for the England football team, here to finally [...]

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Close Shave

Things go from bad to worse for Kieron Dyer

Man escapes by skin of teeth…

It doesn’t just break The Spoiler’s heart watching a grown man squander his talent and hit rock bottom, it rips it out, jams a stick of dynamite into the superior Vena Cava, right down into the Right Atrium, sparks it up, and BOOM! One exploded heart, one lake of [...]

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Tittle Tattle

Transfer Talk: Is Tony Adams really going home?


In between lovely slices of mango and giant slurps of caffeine-free Diet Coke, The Spoiler has perused and foraged the transfers underworld, and these gems were lurking in the shrubbery. So to speak.

Tony Adams to Arsenal Hey what’s wrong Arsene? Feeling a wee bit sensitive because your [...]

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