Iker Casillas behaves rather inappropriately on the news

OMG! He just kissed his girlfriend!

Rather cleverly, the BBC and ITV made a point of deploying ugly men who look exactly like toby jugs around the World Cup press areas, armed with probing questions about the match. That way, their live [...]

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Totally Mental

Nereida Gallardo is so over Cristiano Ronaldo, seriously

Eat your heart out, football genius!

We can’t emphasise this enough – The Spoiler knows more about women than is healthy. We can read signals, body language and tell-tale signs of inner fury like Columbo cracking a case. The tears, the sullen moods, the angry letters – these are all obvious unhappy signals, but before [...]

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Kiss was a bad choice!

Strange old men ruin a great day for Lewis Hamilton!


Typical, our great hope for the Australian Grand Prix zooms in to win, and then the whole day becomes a massive downer, thanks to a load of middle-aged clowns spoiling everyone’s head-rush.

Gene Simmons – he who has reportedly made the world’s most limp and monotonous sex tape – [...]

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Picture of the Day

Lewis Hamilton forgets his high heels

But Kiss remember theirs

Lewis Hamilton Kiss

There’s only one way to look less manly than a group of gents who wear more makeup than Rooney’s favourite grotty old prostitute, and that’s to pose with them while they wear six inch heels.

In a genius bit of marketing [...]

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