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Rio Ferdinand gets arsey with Mirror journalist over old stuff

Fair point… 

riowayneashley.jpg There’s nothing like watching two brilliant minds disagreeing on an important matter and debating the intricacies in an intelligent and lucid way – it makes you jealous and inspired at exactly the same time. It’s great.

Occasionally though, it’s just as good to watch two White [...]

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Drugs test news

That’s one way to reduce the wage bill…

We’re saying nowt…


One thing’s for sure – Kolo Toure definitely hasn’t been slipped something by Manchester City in a massive conspiracy to reduce their wage bill and pull them in line with the upcoming UEFA regulations.

And while we’re at it, people need to stop those sarky comments [...]

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Seven of the Premier League’s most flashy custom-kitted supercars reviewed

We use the term ‘supercar’ loosely, considering one’s a VW Touareg


If it’s one thing that professional footballers love more than crashing high-powered cars into immovable objects, it’s wasting thousands of pounds on pimping those cars out beforehand.

Yianni Charalambous obviously noticed this way before any of us and [...]

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Kolo Toure joined Arsenal by scything down Arsene Wenger

Ivorian impresses staff by tipping over old man


The Times‘ chief football writer Patrick Barclay has got a new book out tomorrow, a biography of Sir Alex Ferguson excitingly entitled Bloody Hell! The biography of Sir Alex Ferguson.

In one chapter, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry recounts the story of [...]

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Man City XI

Is this Roberto Mancini’s dream Man City XI?

Hmmm, not bad, not bad…

Man City

In one of the more long-winded transfer sagas of recent memory, James Milner has finally made his way to Man City for a preposterous amount of money for a young chap described by some as “a poor man’s Owen Hargreaves”.

Might Mancini’s [...]

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Excellent List

10 Footballers who should really be in bands

Can you spot the footballer?


Sometimes looks can be very deceiving. Were you to spot Jan Molby and Matt Le Tissier on your local high street, you wouldn’t have them down as magnificent footballers. Similarly, Arjen Robben and Dirk Kuyt look like they work in the same call centre.

And so it [...]

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African XI

The Spoiler’s Premier League African Cup of Nations XI

“Don’t mess up, Chelsea!”


With The African Cup of Nations set to deprive the Premier League of some wonderful players for the majority of January, The Spoiler thought it absolutely necessary to compile a team of the most brilliant Africans who won’t be representing their clubs for a hefty chunk of [...]

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