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AC still want Becksie, Barca fancy Torres, and more…

Beckham shirt – still in stock

Beckham Shirt 

He’s had a rubbish few days has David Beckham. One minute he’s trotting around, daydreaming about the World Cup, the next he’s in a changing room, weeping in emotional agony because his Achilles Tendon isn’t what it used to be.

It’s [...]

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End of an affair

It’s all over, Everton, LA Galaxy want Landon Donovan back

Landon, it’s been real

Landon Donovan 

Anyone who has ever enjoyed/endured a long-term relationship will know all about that stirring moment when another man/woman dares to make sexy eyes at your bed partner. Your vision blurs, your brain starts swimming, and the feeling in your stomach, it’s not a [...]

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Mr Shake Hands Man

David Beckham confronts another MLS fan over Posh Spice abuse

Insult this man’s wife and he WILL shake your hand

David Beckham

David Beckham Utd visited the Kansas City Wizards on Saturday, and despite clicking his heels three times, the England star could not escape more abuse from American soccerball fans.

While waiting to take a throw-in during [...]

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