Raul bids Real Madrid a blubbing goodbye

Yeah, erm, seeya then

Hey man, remember when you left your last job? You went in, kept your head down, endured an awkward drink, pretended that you’d keep in [...]

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Harsh Video

Cruel Atletico fans ruin homeless man’s day

Hmmm, this seems rather mean

Don’t be fooled by the romanticised accounts of vagrancy from books like Stig of the Dump or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, because the [...]

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Gun for Hire

Ronaldo won’t be at Real forever, suggests Ronaldo

Eats, shoots, and leaves

Cristiano Ronaldo

Clearly modeling himself on some kind of one-man A-Team, Cristiano Ronaldo prefers not to become too attached to a club, instead choosing to swoop in, win all the big prizes, make love to the prettiest local women, then ride off into the sunset after delivering [...]

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Alex Sanchez: La Liga’s first one-handed player

Real Zaragoza reserve-team starlet makes history…


Real Zaragoza‘s 3-1 defeat to Valencia on Sunday was relatively uneventful, largely because Jermaine Pennant was injured and therefore unable to stink up the pitch with his special brand of ‘football’. However, history was made on the 85th minute, when Zaragoza coach [...]

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