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Make loads of money with a bet on the FA Cup Final!

Any excuse…


The most exciting event of the year is just hours away and The Spoiler can barely contain its excitement.

Surely – SURELY! – this is the year we’ll be able to put the Great back into Britain with a win the Eurovision Song Contest? We’ve got Blue [...]

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Make loads of money with a bet on the horseys

Some outsiders…


Just occasionally we like to dip our toes in non-football waters, so in the spirit of adventure here’s some news about an absolutely MASSIVE day of racing at Cheltenham.

Today is the Gold Cup and our statuesque friends at Ladbrokes have a couple of tips for [...]

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Predict the future and win some money on Spurs tonight

Sylvie van der Vaart – her husband’s playing tonight


Everything looks set for the next couple of evenings to be a feast of fantastic footballing fun – Spurs and Arsenal can’t defend but LOVE attacking, Barcelona are Barcelona, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho are in bloody excellent form.

Quite [...]

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Make money with a bet on Man Utd’s game against Wolves

“Bloody hell, I love you.”


The Christmas spending is still making The Spoiler’s wallet feel lighter than it really should after a month of doing nothing at all. It’s the same for you, no?

So why not make things better by risking your rent money on his Saturday’s [...]

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Make money on Gerard Houllier’s return to Anfield

Great times…

Gerard Houllier

For those wondering, no, Gerard Houllier has not been back to Anfield. Not in any official capacity anyway. He might have nipped back to pick up some branded fountain pens and a carton of smokes that he’d left in Rafa’s office, but this will be the first chance [...]

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Spain’s Pedro could make for a profitable “first scorer”

Pedro – tempting odds


Of course, without England competing, you’re going to need the help of aids to ensure maximum enjoyment during the weekend’s World Cup final. And, before you pile into the comments section with a slurry of inappropriate jokes that have no place in this millennium, “aids” [...]

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