Beckham scores from a corner, England lose rare shootout!

Three videos from an unexpectedly lively weekend of football

The lack of major European club football hasn’t halted the entertaining YouTube video output whatsoever, with the likes of David Beckham, Dani Alves and the England women’s football team nobly contributing to the cause.

Given that it was a Beckham-dominated weekend, in which he also [...]

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Transfer Talk

Mixed news for Everton, Liverpool eye up Ireland

Ahh, great times


These really are depressing times for the people of Merseyside. Once so used to their reds and blues battling for big honours, a glance at the Premier League will tell you that not only are the Manchester equivalents now trouncing Liverpool and Everton, but that Anfield’s [...]

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How's Your Father

Uh oh, more football sex, more pregnant ladies… allegedly

Donovan – will he call his child “Everton”?

Landon Donovan

For footballers, a World Cup represents many things. Notably the chance to play in front of millions of people, an opportunity to gatecrash the history books. And were you to follow that list all the way to the end, [...]

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Art War

US fans create horrific image to stir up World Cup rivalry

Shield your eyes, children

Landon Donovan and Wayne Rooney 

Here at The Spoiler, arts and crafts are held in very high esteem, be it the infantile crayon drawings of a child/Jamie Carragher, or a beautiful marble sculpture from the hands of Michelangelo/David James. But, every so [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: USA

“U! S! A!”

Landon Donovan

Today, it’s the turn of those lovely American chaps, who will be seriously attempting to urinate on England’s chips during the group stages. But can they do it? And, more importantly, who ARE these people? Read on to find out…

Form [...]

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