End of an affair

It’s all over, Everton, LA Galaxy want Landon Donovan back

Landon, it’s been real

Landon Donovan 

Anyone who has ever enjoyed/endured a long-term relationship will know all about that stirring moment when another man/woman dares to make sexy eyes at your bed partner. Your vision blurs, your brain starts swimming, and the feeling in your stomach, it’s not a [...]

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News in brief

Donovan wants to stay, new Man City target, and more…

Landon – not to be confused with a cockney saying “London”

Landon Donovan 

Hollyoaks fans are probably still reeling over the news that ELEVEN characters are going to be wiped out by the new hatchet man in charge. And yet none of them appear to be “Tony” – he’s like a [...]

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transfer talk

Transfer news: Birmingham sign new Mascherano

Bowyer, meet your new team mate

Bowyer and Michel

Yeah, load of games are getting cancelled, but do you want to know what kind of people never abandon their work stations, not even for a second? Journalists. Especially sports journalists writing about transfers for papers like The Telegraph, [...]

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Transfer Talk

Donovan to Everton, Mascherano to Barca…

“We’re outta here!”

Beckham and Donovan

It’s a tale of two cities up in Merseyside, as Everton look set to bag the LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan. The deal is said to be similar to the one that allows Beckham to flit between LA and AC Milan.

The only difference [...]

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