Complicated Legal Stuff

Could Manchester Utd sign Carlos Tevez for free?

Argentinean could challenge third party ownership under EU law

Carlso Tevez

It takes Wengeresque brain power to fully understand the intricacies of the Carlos Tevez transfer situation, but here are the bare facts: the Argentinian’s registration is owned by a third party named Media Sports Investments (MSI), the founder [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 246: Andrea Veresova

The Czech supermodel who found love on the ice

Jaromír Jágr is regarded as one of the all-time great NHL players, so its wholly appropriate that the Czech enjoyed the company of a supermodel girlfriend.

Nudity advocate Andrea Veresova was his go-to girl for many years, but unfortunately (for him) [...]

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Load of Rubbish

Inter Milan sued for offensive chanting and banners

Sensitive Napoli supporter wins damages from Serie A champs

Inter Milan fans are super mean

A Napoli fan who (rather wisely) chose to remain anonymous has won €1,500 (£1,200) in ‘existential damages’ after taking offence to the super mean banners and chanting of

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