Questions, questions, questions...

Arsenal legend Lee Dixon answers your questions!


A couple of weeks ago The Spoiler asked for your questions to give to ex-Arsenal player and excellent pundit, Lee Dixon.

We had plenty of responses – [...]

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An opportunity

Give The Spoiler some questions to ask Lee Dixon!

“Why the heck were you playing conkers with Bryan Robson?”


Normally when someone calls Spoiler HQ it’s to ask us if we’d like to consolidate all our loans into one manageable monthly payment or to see if we’ve had an accident in the last few months.

However, we just [...]

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The Spoiler’s “Never Played in a World Cup” England XI

Including this wasted treasure

Matt Le Tissier 

No doubt about it, when the World Cup squad is announced next year, there will be some very tearful young millionaires not getting on a plane to South Africa. With that in mind, below is The Spoiler’s greatest England team never to [...]

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stocking filler

2 Good 2 Bad – The World Cup

Featuring just one of these men

Chiles and Skinner

Fans of MOTD2‘s weekly 2 Good 2 Bad round-up have permission to go totally berserk, because you can now buy a movie length edition of the feature on DVD, focussing on the rather more zany and outlandish side of World [...]

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The Underrated

The Spoiler’s Best Mismanaged England XI ever!

These men have ample reason to grumble… 

Mismanaged XI

Well, nice one England, you’ve done it again. You’ve wasted another yet another glorious player, and Steven Gerrard is now doomed to spend his autumn years mumbling in pubs about what might have been, alongside Le Tissier, McManaman, Fowler, and [...]

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The Blackburn Job

Who does Alan Shearer think he is?

Blackburn not good enough for inexperienced MOTD pundit

Alan Shearer

The Daily Telegraph are today reporting that Alan Shearer may turn down the chance to succeed Mark Hughes because he “is not convinced that Blackburn would be the right place for him.”

Yes that’s right, a man [...]

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Pundit watch

Is Tony Adams the new Tom Waits?

Arsenal legend provides welcome alternative to the matey blandness of Shearer and pals

Tony Adams

Match of the Day 2 has been cleaning Match of the Day’s clock for a long time now. Personable Chiles is better than link-machine Lineker, Lee Dixon is a bright and insightful analyst, providing [...]

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