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Fact File: Prospective Newcastle owner Anil Ambani

We get the lowdown on the Magpies’ potential new saviour

Anil Ambani

Despite Newcastle insisting that giving up complete control of Newcastle United would not appeal to Mike Ashley, rumours are rife of a takeover by Mumbai-born businessman named Anil Ambani. Like most of the new school of Premier [...]

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The Big Debate

Is Liverpool the NICEST club in the Premier League?

Just a question, not a declaration of war…


Alright, football fans, put the grenades down, and throw your machetes into a nearby hedge. The Spoiler knows the drill by now, your claws are out, and we can only apologise for the headline – we didn’t do it just to [...]

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Transfer News

Rooney to sign for Leeds

Rockstar forces shock transfer on wedding day

Kelly Jones Wayne Rooney

Traditionally, wedding receptions are a time of dancing with elderly relatives, drinking too much cheap champers and watching young children ease their boredom by setting fire to decorations.

They are not usually a place where the [...]

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Leeds favourites for the Championship

The best sports on the telebox tonight

Recommended viewing

Tonight, Leeds will be attempting to make their first ever visit below the top two flights in England as short as possible, as they challenge Carlisle for a place in the Championship. Despite their impromptu managerial change and [...]

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