WAG of the Day

WAG No. 178: Leilani Dowding

You don’t have to be a topless model to be a WAG, but it helps

In 1998, Leilani Dowding was studying for an Economics degree at Royal Holloway University when she realised that she was incredibly good looking, and quite comfortable being photographed without clothing. Naturally, this lead to regular [...]

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Close Shave

Things go from bad to worse for Kieron Dyer

Man escapes by skin of teeth…

It doesn’t just break The Spoiler’s heart watching a grown man squander his talent and hit rock bottom, it rips it out, jams a stick of dynamite into the superior Vena Cava, right down into the Right Atrium, sparks it up, and BOOM! One exploded heart, one lake of [...]

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