Video of the day

Video: Lionel Messi, toddler

Prepare to go “no waaaaaay!”

Everyone knows how brilliant Messi is, but it turns out that even as a small baby toddler he was amazing too. Above is a video of him destroying [...]

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La Liga Action

Barcelona fans are friendly

Things flare up over in Spain

Barcelona fans were none too happy with being a goal down at Steve Finnan’s side Espanyol this weekend, so they had to pull something out of the [...]

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Carlos Tevez thinks he could be an underwear model

Handsomely-impaired striker wants to be more like Beckham et al

Carlso Tevez

Despite the new season being just over a week away, there is relatively little exciting news going on in the mainstream press. Accordingly, The Sun today ran a full page detailing how Carlos Tevez is [...]

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Do Not Want

Leo Messi tries his hand at underwear modelling

Barcelona star should probably stick to the dayjob

Leo Messi Lody Underwear

When underwear manufacturers select a spokesperson and model from the world of football, they usually side with someone whose good looks and chiselled features best highlight their product. The Adonis-like bodies of David [...]

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