Rich but principled, pah!

Suddenly selfless Leonardo deserves derision for Tevez stance

A previous show of devotion to AC Milan from Leonardo...


Involvement with Carlos Tevez has a tendency to bring out the worst in football folk, and even the usually likable Leonardo appears to have fallen into that trap judging by the latest developments at Paris St-Germain.

In response to rumours linking the cashed-up French club with a move for the AC Milan target, their director [...]

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Hetero Love

Jose Mourinho’s bromance with Leonardo in quotes

“I love you man”

Top Gun

Ode to mile high love between two men (Top Gun) aside, the idea that guys can care deeply for one another without having to be physically gay about it is a relatively new phenomenon in Hollywood.

But now thanks to revolutionary movies like I Love You [...]

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Pretend Punishment

Video: Ronaldinho gets a fake red card

Referee suffers temporary bout of colour blindness

Having lost all three of their matches in the Americaland World Football Challenge, including a 2-0 defeat at the hands of [...]

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