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Liverpool fans, who do YOU want to replace Hodgson?

As he slides bloodily down his sword, it must now only be a matter of time for Hodgson – a weekend trip to Manchester isn’t exactly ideal.

According to the papers, Didier Deschamps has suddenly lurched forward to pointlessly declare himself NOT INTERESTED in the job – joining a lengthy list of other people who aren’t [...]

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Liverpool Happenings

Kenny Huang facts, and a Joe Cole/Stevie G conundrum

Liverpool fans, is this the new King Kenny?

Kenny Huang 

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Cheshire or Preston today, chances are that there’s a strange noise in the air – a bit like a a swarm of bumblebees all clearing their throats in unison.

Don’t be alarmed, [...]

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I love 1987

Liverpool FC masseur used to be in Simply Red

Sylvan (far right, next to The Huck)

Simply Red 

During a particularly lean period for ideas, the BBC decided to spend YOUR money on a series of shows called I Love 1983, or I Love 1986, or I Love 1574.

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Rafa Speaks

Liverpool were under too much pressure, complains Rafa

Rafa – hates high expectations

Rafa Benitez

Far be it for a group of football supporters to have high expectations of their club. Or so thinks Rafa Benitez.

After last year’s top two finish, you’d be excused for thinking – at the start of the campaign – that Liverpool had [...]

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And they're off!

Liverpool for sale! And here’s the new chairman!

Ladies and gentlemen… Martin Broughton!

Finally, news just in, Gillett and Hicks have officially put Liverpool up for sale. It’s taken a while, but as everyone knows, our American cousins [...]

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Video Special

The 10 Most Magnificent Footballers/Pop Stars EVER!

Glenn and Chris – at their day jobs

Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle 

It’s sometimes easy to forget that footballers are also human beings. Frighteningly gifted human beings, who can turn their hand to pretty much anything. Some ooze seamlessly into management or punditry, others open [...]

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Red Alert

Benitez ignores Aquilani-shaped man

Has anyone seen this Italian?


Far be it for The Spoiler to make sweeping declarations as early as November, but with thirteen points seperating them from Chelsea, and a midweek miracle needed to keep them in Europe, things aren’t looking particularly rosy for Liverpool.

Things were made even worse [...]

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Football Team

The Spoiler’s Prodigal Son XI

These men just couldn’t stay away…

Prodigal Son XI

In the biblical tale of the Prodigal Son, a young man ventures to the big city to fill up on wine and hookers before going home to lead a normal domestic life as an accountant, or something. In some [...]

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