Davro's Apprentice

Hooded man does excellent Liverpool FC impressions

Is this the next Joe Longthorne?

Until about an hour ago, The Spoiler was thought to be a great impressionist, having spent years mastering the likes of Frank Spencer, Rolf Harris, Shirley Bassey, every single character on [...]

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Brave Little Soldier

Steven Gerrard goes straight back to Liverpool training

On today’s proof, he’s totally fiiiine….

Steven Gerrard

Yes people, on the very same day that old man Beckham is likely to be staggering around the midfield for England against the mighty Croatians, “crocked” Steven Gerrard has been spotted enjoying a competitive training session at Liverpool HQ.


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Five reasons why Liverpool can’t beat Aston Villa

Boring men in red set for a dull weekend…

Rafa Benitez

Only a smidgen into the new season and already Liverpool have morphed into the Chelsea of old, pummeling their way to cruel unappealing victories. This, of course, means that they will definitely win the league whilst simultaneously turning [...]

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Link Dump

Pussycat Dolls, cricket, football and poignant soul music

Also appearing on a computer near you…

Today’s link dump will be accompanied by the haunting sounds of Esther Phillips singing a song about drugs. Winehouse, we assume you’re listening…

The frightening truth about lovely steroids


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The Future

Liverpool’s sponsorship row, Bigfoot, and Pizarro’s off

Tomorrow’s headlines today…


Well, it’s finally happened, someone stumbled across a massive pile of bones and decided it was Bigfoot. Naturally, no one else has actually seen the remains, so we’ll just have to take their word for it. In the same way that you must [...]

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Big Fashion Eye

Steven Gerrard assembles himself correctly

Footballer in normal clothes shocker

Stevie G

The Spoiler’s love for Gerrard is deep. Real deep. Not just because he plays great football, we love him because he behaves as a sportsman should. For example, when left to his own devices, he has no idea what to wear.


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Investigative Journalism

Abbey Clancy forsakes popular undergarment

She’s a hot WAG, and no mistake

While Crouchie’s career takes a slight downward loop involving a pensive bus ride from Merseyside to Portsmouth, his girlfriend Abbey Clancy is on the up and up. Until now she’s been mostly adored for her grueling work as a bikini model, or her stint as a part time [...]

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Liverpool Shocker

Benitez dances for Keane

Um… oookay


We’ve all been there – first week at work, feeling a bit shy, boss starts doing a sexy jig to break the silence.

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