Backroom news

Sammy Lee leaves Liverpool and Villas-Boas does some nice talking…

Any excuse…


Former Arsenal director Lady Bracewell-Smith isn’t happy with the current Gunners board and reckons they should all be sacked because they are ineffective (Ivan Gazidis, Peter Hill-Wood, Ken Friar) and because some of them appear to have escaped from a P.G. Wodehouse story (Sir Chips Keswick and [...]

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Transfer stuff

Downing and Adam FINALLY to Liverpool, Thiago to Man Utd and more…



We can normally take or leave tennis but for some reason we’ve properly got into this year’s Wimbledon.

Maybe it’s the lack of World Cup action that’s helping our love of the game or maybe it’s because Kate Middleton is in the crowd for Andy Murray’s [...]

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Transfer stuff

Lukaku to Chelsea, Dann not to Liverpool and more

Tamara – rich


Apparently Petra Ecclestone – daughter of Formula 1 chief Bernie – has gone and bought the most expensive home in America for around $80million.

For that you get 123 rooms, parking for 100 cars, a bowling alley, a fruit machine arcade, a barber’s shop, a beauty [...]

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Transfer Stuff

Henderson to Liverpool, Fabregas to Barca and other stuff…



So, Rihanna has been on stage again singing her saucy songs and even giving one FEMALE fan a lap dance!

Anyone would think she was trying to be controversial to generate publicity to sell records and things. Calm down, RiRi!

In other controversial news, here’s what we know [...]

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